35 years in experience Of  Professional tourist Guide,service to tourists almost all over the world, along with the family of my wife and 2 sons Want to do business together with me,Which has different experiences such as Computer-IT, Law-Attoney, Real estate-Gypsy Astrology, which are the main departments and also other sub-sections such as Our own product department And Authorized Dealer, Advertising-Public relations-Entertainment Department.etc.,

         Gathering to merge various types of business Therefore it is necessary to be the same organization that is strong and diverse, able to answer the plaintiff's needs of more customers. Agility And performing various operations efficiently for maximum effectiveness
Thai Grand Intertrade Co., Ltd. strives and hopes to receive support - opportunity From all the benefactors
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thank you for this opportunity.


  Joe Jirutt B.(Guide Joe)
  Founder-President and Managing Director 


Thaigrand operates in several departments. This currently refers to just one tourism department. (Joe Buddy To
Which has the following details thus:

1.Comprehensive tour service, both inbound and outbound.
2.Accepting reservations for hotels and various accommodations.
3.Accepting reservations for airline tickets around the world.
4.Accepting visa extensions for general tourists.
5.Marriage registration management service for foreigners
6.Organize meetings, seminars, and various activities.
7.Astrology prediction services for foreign tourists which is 1 of the soft power Versions that the government wants
8.An intermediary in buying and selling real estate and be advisor to foreign investors.
9.IT system installation to foreign investors
10.Consulting services regarding Thai law for foreign tourists.

***As for our marketing plan, we use both direct and online sales.***


Thai Grand Intertrade Co., Ltd. Here in after referred to in the abbreviation "Thaigrand" There are main policy "The complete and complete service and direct response to customers" either by Thai Grand itself or through any agents that enable customers to meet their needs. And the most satisfied! Both the quest New innovation In order to continuously offer or respond to customers to receive good things

Thaigrand has a Slogan which is " forward together" both of us, Thaigrand and Our Valued customers. Like a true friend who knows your Mind the most !
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