4.Panya Indra Golf Club


Panya Indra Golf Club is a golf course in Bangkok consisting of three 9-hole courses that are designed and decorated in different styles: a lakeside course, a palm tree course, and a botanical garden course. Each field is uniquely designed and decorated. And also arrange each field to have a clearly different playing level. The three beautifully decorated courses are nestled together in a charming tropical atmosphere, creating a golfing paradise. This golf course is very popular with both Thai and foreign golfers. It is open 6 days a week. and available for players at night on Tuesday - Friday. Golf courses in Bangkok ” There are many world-class golf courses that we dream of. to be able to play rounds, so the group's working philosophy Panya Group is about working with the heart as a gift. To all golfers, even if we haven't reached that dream yet. But we never stop dreaming. And we try very hard. To make your dream golf course a success." About Mr. Panya Kuantrakul M...

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